About Us

Balcom Agro Group is a company with over 10 years of activity on the Moldovan market. We conduct collecting activities of agricultural products, especially fruits and vegetables. The company Balcom Agro Group wants to provide tasty and healthy fruits of high quality at a competitive and reasonable price. For this the company found the perfect place for its plantations in the village Tudora, Stefan Voda district, away from crowded and pollution of the big cities.  There the plantations of the Balcom Agro Group cover an area of ​​over 20 hectares.

At the moment the company has planted 16.6 hectares of vine grapes and 11.18 ha of plum, 7.21 ha of apple.

In order to protect the plantations from natural phenomena the company has installed anti-hail system. The company has established good relations with customers from Russia and Belarus.

The predominance of the major export quota of the company is owned by Russia. The company has cold storage to keep the fruits and vegetables for their further transportation abroad. The marketplace for LLC ” Balcom Agro Group” is the foreign market, especially the market of the CIS countries , mainly Russia and Belarus with which already has signed contracts for selling the fruit and vegetables .