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The amount of vitamin A contained in the apples is with 50 percent higher than that found in oranges and other citrus fruits, this one being useful in preventing colds and other types of infections and in maintaining eye health, preventing night blindness. Vitamin C, another mineral element which is in apples is necessary to maintain the […]


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Moldova – a sort of ordinary grape, which has dark blue color . This type is approved for cultivation in Southern and Central areas of the country. After ripening “Moldova” is considered the latest sort and has a maturity period of 165 days. This sort of grapes can be picked up during September 20th -10th of October and can […]


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Pears – contain many beneficial nutrients for the body such as dietary fiber, anti – oxidants, minerals and vitamins necessary for optimal health. Pears provide 3.1 g fiber per 100g.
In addition, the pears are low in calories , with 58 cal per 100g . Only few slices a day and the diet will bring a significant reduction in weight and negative cholesterol levels.


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Delicious, fleshy and juicy, plums have low calories and don’t contain saturated fat, but are rich in minerals, vitamins and other compounds that have an important role in maintaining a state of optimal health.


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Cherries are the first fresh fruits of the year. After high content of vitamins, minerals, sugars easily assimilated, appearance and taste they represent an object of high commerce with high profitability, beginning with the third decade of May to July having no serious competition from other fruit tree species.


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