cireseCherries are the first fresh fruits of the year. After high content of vitamins, minerals, sugars easily assimilated, appearance and taste they represent an object of high commerce with high profitability, beginning with the third decade of May to July having no serious competition from other fruit tree species.

Cherry is prized for its high nutritional value. Fruits contain: 7.7 to 17.0% sugars; 0.49 to 1.37% acid; 0.54 to 1.16% albumin; o.06 to 0.39% pectin; vitamin C, B1, B2, E, provitamin A; mineral salts of Ca, Fe, K, P, etc. The fruits are used fresh and processed (juice, syrup, sauce, jam, marmalade, soft and alcoholic drinks, pastries), their nutritional particularities are as good as other drupacee species related occurring in the country.

In general, cherries are dessert fruits, that is why in countries with developed fruit growing they are included in expensive fruit group, rare and luxury. High content of juice in fruits reduces their resistance to transportation and storage. Also from this point of view cherry fruit are more resistant compared to fruit strawberry, raspberry and cherry.