struguriMoldova – a sort of ordinary grape, which has dark blue color . This type is approved for cultivation in Southern and Central areas of the country.

After ripening “Moldova” is considered the latest sort and has a maturity period of 165 days. This sort of grapes can be picked up during September 20th -10th of October and can be kept for consumption.

Victoria – is one of the most valuable creations for table grapes. It imposes through earliness, but especially by the beautiful grapes and high productivity.

We opted for such cultivation of vines because of the presented advantages that involve big fertility capacity, due to the size of grapes.

It is highly resistant to frost and drought, it is resistant against hoarfrost and spring frosts due to late unbinding, moreover it is very resistant to pests . Grape production is very high, over 16-18 tons / ha.